Migl Acc

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Migl Acc is an abbreviation of Migliaccio.
In my spare time I like to play or write of music.

Who is Migl Acc

I started making music as a boy by guitar and guitar bass. Actually I am playing trumpet. But recently I have got into synthesized music.
I started with a Korg keys. I didn't know synthesizers at all.
A bit for fun. And then I published short impros on the web trying not to make the sounds too complex or not to work on them too much.
Being also a software developer I recently also wrote a sequencer and a midi connector.


Seque. A light sequencer.

In recent months, during the evenings I have dedicated myself to writing, in java code, first of a midi connector,
then later, also of a software sequencer.
Now Seque is both together; which can also be performed separately.
The writing of Seque started a bit for fun. Having at home some synthesizers with Midi port (5 pin din),
but having nothing to connect them to usb midi devices, and, above all,
also having a tireless curiosity to seriously explore the subject both musically and technically,
I decided to “throw away” the evenings writing Seque.